"Thank you for your product and your service. You guys are #1 in customer service. I enjoy the personal notes and little freebie goodies in each order."
Rhonda T.
Hobbs, NM
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Testimonials - Just a few of our favorites...

“Unca Duke’s is sure to put collard greens on the endangered list.”
Clarke W.
Barefoot Casual
Miramar Beach, Florida

"We love Butt Rub!  Can't live without it!  We put it on everything from meat to vegetables to bread!  I believe we are addicted!!  THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!"
Lee L.
Sylvania, GA

"This is the best spice I have ever had, I put it on everything from fish to eggs."
Debra B.
Camden, SC

"Thanks for making such a great product; our customers cannot believe the flavor of our food."
Gisele N.
The Old Fashion Lobster Bake and BBQ Co.

"Butt Rub is the very best barbeque seasoning we have ever tasted!  It is the best for chicken, fish or meat."
Carol S.
Concord, NC

"You sell the BEST tasting herb/spice combination ever."
Laura C
West Chester PA.

"It's an emergency.  I need Butt Rub and we don't live without it.  PLEASE call me ASAP I mean I need it quick!"
Dianne R.
Myersville, MD

"You have great products and the clothing makes people smile."

John M
Norristown, PA.

"Here in the heart of bbq country, your seasonings are the best!!"
Steve J.
Raleigh, NC

"Our Family just loves your products.  Butt Rub seems to NEED to be on everything!!!"
Zelda O.
Portland, OR

"I have tried your Butt Rub and it is excellent.  Best rub made."
Jerry B.
Raymondville, TX

"There simply is no finer spice mixture on the surface of the planet Earth."
Eric Z.
Flemington, NJ

"Some dishes I have prepared for years, I have seasoned with Butt Rub and suddenly they're WONDERFUL!  I'm truly amazed!"
Gail N.
Montgomery, AL

"I have tried Butt Rub on everything and it is the very best seasoning I have ever tasted."
Jeffery C.
Bay City MI

"Thank you for your product and your service.  You guys are #1 in customer service.  I enjoy the personal notes and little freebie goodies in each order."
Rhonda T.
Hobbs, NM

"A fella Q'er gave me a jar of your Butt Rub...Good nite Irene, this stuff is awesome!"
Milton B.
Slidell, LA

"the best darn spice on the planet!!"
Carl S.
Portland, OR

"Bad Byron's Butt Rub is the best seasoning on the Street!  Bar None!"
Craig M.
Land O' Lakes, FL

"This is the best we've used....We have been using this product for about 3 years, on everything!!!"
Lynn M.
Mechanicville, NY

"Your product is absolutely fantastic."
Robert M.
Northbridge, MA

"The best I ever used."
Gabe T.
Tracy, CA

"This is the best stuff we've ever had on chicken, ribs, or brisket.  What a treat!"
David C.
Lake Wales, FL

"GOOOOOOD Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that is quite a complement...coming from a True Texan!!!!!"
Richard R.
Austin, TX

"This is the most awesome seasoning!!! My husband couldn't live without it!"
Karen W.
Palm Harbor, FL

"Bad Byron's is still the best!  I tell all my friends about you."
Shawn J.
Portsmouth, VA

"A red-neck cousin who lives on the panhandle turned us on to Butt Rub.  We LOVE it!"
Anne S.
Eastsound, WA

"I haven't found a meat that it's not good on yet.  From venison to tuna, Butt Rub ROCKS!!!"
Keith D.
Radford, VA

"This is the best dry rub, 'EVER'."
Norm W.
McKenzie, TN

"Saw you on the Food Network and this stuff better be good. :) Congrats on the win...and your Mom is adorable."
Michael M.
Alsip, IL

"You guys make the Very best Seasoning In North America...."
Darren O.
"North of the Border"

"Roman Soldiers were often paid in salt, maybe Rome would still be a world power if they had paid with 'Butt Rub'!"
Mike K.
Ft. Collins, CO

"Finest seasoning we have ever used!!"
Scott L.
Forest City, IA

"You have by far, the best rub made! I bbq and cook alot and I have used other rubs and why buy something else when the Butt Rub overshadows them by far! A very superior product, thank you!"
Devin C.
Willow Creek, CA

"I love your products and can not live without them. I use Buttrub on everything! It is great on all meats, vegetables, eggs and especially great in rice. Your honey is fabulous as well."
Pam B.
Villa Park, CA

"You are awesome. Thank you. There is truly no better product on the market. We put his on everything!"
Terry K.
Charlotte, NC

"Hands down you have the best spice - we love it - the kids love it - the kids love it!!!!"
Deanne P.
Danville, IA

"EVERYBODY that I introduce to this product becomes a "butt-rub" loyalist! You have supporters from Ohio to TN and points beyond to Texas! I can't go home without it. Keep it comin'!! It's great stuff!"
Pamela S.

"Ya'll not only have the BEST seasoning ever, but you are also the nicest company that I have ever dealt with! Thank You So Much!"
Angela H.