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Butt Rub® Potatoes (Grilled)

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Recipe 40

(Contribution of Rick Ruark)
Rick says this is a simple recipe that is awesome at his deer camp.

Take a good size baking potato (also good on sweet potatoes) and slice in about 1/2 inch wide pieces, keeping the shape of the potato.

At this point you will want to transfer the whole potato onto a piece of tin foil.

Now, take an onion and slice it into about 1/4 inch wide pieces.

Here comes the rocket science part of it. Place the onion slices between the potato slices.

After you finally get this done, put several large pats of butter on top so when it melts it will get all into it.

Sprinkle GENEROUSLY with Butt Rub.

Wrap the potato with the tin foil and put onto a hot grill (about 375 degrees). Cook until tender.

Now stand away from the grill and let your friends get to it. I promise you, it is the best potatoes we have around our camp.

If you want to get fancy, cook up some bacon and slice into small pieces to put on the potato after you pull it from the fire (you knew I would add meat in here somewhere).