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Butt Rub® Steamed Shrimp

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Recipe 33

Everyone that has tried it says it’s the best tasting steamed shrimp they have ever had.

For Commercial Steamers:

Lay down a layer of thawed shrimp in steam pan, sprinkle a moderate amount of Butt Rub® on shrimp.  (Adjust the amount of Butt Rub® for your personal taste or that of your customer).  Small to medium in shell shrimp – 3 minutes.  Large in shell shrimp – 4 minutes.  You can also do individual frozen shrimp – just add 1 minute to steam time.

They hold well in a plastic bag.  The flavor will permeate even more in the bag.  This is great for carryout orders.  Serve with butter on the side.  These shrimp can also be served cold.  You can also use the steamer to do Butt Rub® Fish Fillet (try Grouper).  Butt Rub® is also great on steamed crab legs.