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Rob’s Butt Rub® Grilling Technique

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Recipe 36

(Contribution of Robert Conners, Orlando FL)

Rob says: “In response to your recipe request my recipe is simply Butt Rub seasoned grilled steak. I really don’t have a recipe as much as a technique that you may share.”

To begin with, you do not have to pay for an expensive cut of beef to have a steak dinner that tastes like a million. My favorite cut, which is very reasonable and VERY TASTY is referred to as a Chuck Eye Steak. If you find a good cut of it, it will be hard to distinguish it from a Rib Eye in appearance or flavor.

Now for the technique. When I am grilling pork chops or steaks my preferred method is to grill from the frozen state. As soon as I return from shopping I season generously with Butt Rub and freeze before grilling. The result is the steaks get to take-on the Butt Rub flavors and the grilling process produces a steak that is grilled well and very flavorful on the outside, but remains medium to medium rare or rare & juicy on the inside.

To go with, toss some fresh mushrooms, onions, peppers, etc. in a little olive oil and Butt Rub, skewer them, grill them and ENJOY!